What is Medicare Plan G? (2020-2021)

medicare plan g

Medicare Plan G has been the hot topic in the Medicare world for 2020. So, what’s ALL the buzz about?

So, the most popular Medicare Plan F has been discontinued for those new to Medicare. So now what? Well, Medicare Supplement Plan G will move from the second best, to the top of the list for new enrollees. However, some believe Plan G has ALWAYS been the best plan when you breakdown the costs.

Continue reading below for more information about how Medicare Plan G can be a great option for you and your family. We will compare Medicare Plan G vs Plan F, look at the differences between the plans and give you all you need to know.

What is Medicare Plan G?

Plan G is one of the ten standardized Medicare Supplement Plans available in the US. Medicare Plan G can also be called Medigap Plan G, Medicare Plan G or Medicare Supplement Plan G. Medicare Supplement G plans have been one of the most popular Supplement plans for seniors. Since, Part F plans have been phased out recently, Plan G policies are now the top choice for value.

Medicare Supplement Plan G covers:

  • Medicare Part A Coinsurance and Hospital Coverage (up to additional 365 days)
  • Medicare Part A Deductible
  • Medicare Part B Coinsurance or Copayment
  • Blood (first three pints each year)
  • Part A Hospice Care Coinsurance or Copayment
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B Excess Charges
  • Foreign Travel Emergency (up to plan limits)

Medigap Plan G DOESN’T cover:

  • Medicare Part B Deductible ($198 in 2020)

If you want a Plan G policy, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Medicare Plan A & B first
  2. Purchase a Medigap Plan G policy offered by private insurance companies
  3. Continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium
  4. Continue to pay your Plan G premium

When can you buy a Plan G policy?

Best time to buy a Medigap Plan G policy is during your open enrollment period when you turn 65. During this period, you have 6 months to enroll in a Medigap plan to be automatically approved without any health underwriting. They call this guaranteed issue meaning you can’t be turned down.

If you miss your open enrollment period, in most cases you will have to answer health underwriting questions when you apply. In some situations, you might be granted guaranteed acceptance depending on the circumstances.

Is Medare Plan G better than Plan F?

We get this question all the time. Is Medicare Plan G better than Plan F?

Medicare Plan F is the most comprehensive plan available, often called the Cadillac of all plans. However, Plan G runs an awfully close second to Plan F on value.

Basically, Plan G is the SAME coverage as Medicare Plan F except it doesn’t cover the Part B deductible. However, this does LOWER your monthly premium, which makes Plan G a better option at times. Be sure to do a cost comparison to see if Plan G vs Plan F is better for you and your family.

Here is how you compare:

Take the annual premium of Plan G + your Part B deductible ($198 in 2020)– If this total is less than the Plan F annual premium you have found your winner. Just remember, that Plan F was eliminated in January to new enrollees. However, if you are already enrolled in Plan F you WILL get to keep it.

As of January 1st of this year, Medicare Plan C & Plan F have been eliminated for newly-eligible Medicare seniors. Congress decided that removing all plans that covered Part B deductibles (Plan C & Plan F) would save monies for the Medicare program.

How much does a Medicare Supplement Plan G cost?

What you pay for a Medigap Plan G coverage can vary widely, based on several factors. These factors could include:

  • Your Gender
  • Tobacco Use
  • What State you live in
  • Your Health (if outside your Open Enrollment Period or don’t qualify for GI)
  • Discounts (Household discount, Method of payment discount)
  • Your Deductible (Plan G does have a high deductible option) 

All of these factors could be taken into account, on how much you could pay for your Plan G policy. EVERY individual situation is completely different, so using a Medicare expert like MedicareQuote can save you time and money.

Which companies offer Plan G plans?

Several companies offer Medicare Supplement Plan G policies. However, here are just a few:

  1. Aetna Plan G
  2. Humana Plan G
  3. Mutual of Omaha Plan G
  4. Cigna Plan G
  5. AARP Plan G
  6. Kaiser Permanente Plan G

Always check to make sure which companies offer Medicare Plan G policies in your area. Some companies aren’t licensed in all 50 states.

How to buy a Medigap Plan G policy?

The best way to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan is through an independent broker. Independent brokers have access to multiple insurance companies and brokers do all the shopping for you.

MedicareQuote works with Best Medicare Supplement companies in US. Companies like, Humana, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, UnitedHealthCare and many others. Let us help! Click “Get Quotes” for more information on your Plan G options.